What others think

We walk the talk. These are testimonials from people who have experienced the workshop by Circle UX.


Insightful and Impactful

"The workshop was attended by 10 people (Marketing, Products and Designers). The exercises in the workshop were very insightful to the team. The discussion that took place was very interesting. It's impactful to the Domikado team up to now, for the development of UI / UX for both internal and external projects."

Faizal Adiputra | Director of Domikado | @fadiputra

Informative and Practical

"The workshop was very informative and practical, covering the theory and practices. For a field that could be considered new, Borrys Hasian is not only experienced but also a true UX evangelist. Highly recommended!"

Enda Nasution | Co-CEO & Founder Sebangsa | @enda

Bigger Revenue Potential

"The UX Design workshop was useful in transforming the team to always put attention to the persona of our customers when defining customer needs and delivering solutions. The given UX Design approach gives us more opportunities for a bigger revenue potential."

Irwan Indriastanto | Head of VAS and Digital Lifestyle, Telkom Indonesia | @abikatsara