The Design Sprint

Design matters. Speed matters. What if you can have both? The Google-style Design Sprint is our favorite process in answering critical design or business questions through collaborative design, quick prototyping, and validating with the users.

Why Design Sprint?

Most of the companies spent months, or even years, of time to launch minimal product, only to find out that idea was not good. Design Sprint helps you to design and learn quickly through a realistic prototype that is validated with your users in less than a week.

Circle UX's Design Sprint

We use a 3-day design sprint, instead of 5:

  1. Day 1: Understanding the problems and map out existing experience.
  2. Day 2: Collaborative sketching for the solutions using marker and paper.
  3. Day 3: Building the prototype in 4 hours and validating it with the users.

Circle UX Sprint Stories

A Paradigm Shift in Developing Products and Services at Telkom Indonesia

How design sprint changed the approach in developing products/services faster at Telkom, the largest telecommunications services company in Indonesia.

Design Sprint for BCA, One of The Largest Banks in Indonesia

A 2-day design sprint for senior leaders in BCA with various products/services, ranging from mobile banking to ATM/kiosk.

Featured Image Indosat.JPG

Transforming Indosat M2 to Become More Agile

How Design Sprint Helps Indosat M2 Builds Products and Services Faster.


Borrys Hasian was mentoring startups under Google Launchpad Accelerator in October 2016.

Borrys Hasian was mentoring startups under Google Launchpad Accelerator in October 2016.

Borrys Hasian is the first Indonesian to be a Google Expert in UX/UI, and was trained directly in Google HQ at Mountain View, California, by Google Design Sprint team. You'll learn the sprint from the expert, first-hand. He helped startups and big companies such as Telkom Indonesia, BCA, Indosat M2, and detikcom to run their internal sprints.

Learn more about Borrys Hasian.